Véritable® is the leading startup in urban farming. We provide innovative solutions which enable everyone to easily grow, harvest and enjoy a large range of fresh and healthy products. Flavorful herbs, edible flowers and baby vegetables are fresh and available all year round in your home.

The range of smart indoor gardens Véritable® has been designed for gourmets. Result of more than 2 years of Research and Development, the Véritable® Garden has been the subject of 3 patents filed to guarantee the best of technology in the service of nature.

Véritable® : a made in France start’up ! Véritable® is committed to its socioeconomic system. Established in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region in France, the company designs, manufactures and assembles 90% of its products within a 200km radius.








Our smart indoor gardens are part of a strong environmental approach. The water and energy consumption have also been optimized. Véritable® Garden users help reducing the CO2 impact as they grow their own produce at home.

  • An horticultural LED lighting SavorylightTM for an efficient and autonomous lighting. Your Véritable® Garden turns on and off automatically every day, it is still plugged in, but the light turns on for 16h and then goes off for 8h.
  • The automatic and silent watering is autonomous up to 4 weeks. The passive hydroponic system and the Lingot® specific material feeds the necessary water to each plant thanks to its silent and flawless capillarity irrigation system.
  • The Lingots® are the first 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable refills on the market. They are GMO-free and pesticide-free.