Berkel, the iconic ham slicers. We no longer present this century-old and above all pioneering brand! The history of the Berkel brand began in 1898, when the Dutchman Wilhelmus Van Berkel invented a revolutionary tool capable of mechanically reproducing the “perfect slice”.

A brilliant intuition that led to the creation of the world’s first slicer icon and the birth of one: this magnificent ham slicer with its red flywheel, a must-have for enthusiasts and connoisseurs around the world.




Today, the Volano remains an object of desire, the one that we wear at home with passion. Synonymous with sharing, conviviality, it helps to make your aperitifs and dinners memorable moments.

For others, the gaze is on the electric slicers which share their just perfect design, allows access to fame and the Berkel look.






The iconic Volano manual slicer captivates; Who doesn’t immediately want to grab the steering wheel and turn it? Inspired by automotive know-how, its purely mechanical actions allow the blade to be operated, pushing the ham into the cutting area and maintaining the fineness of the cut; you will get a real raw ham chiffonnade. A cog of great precision. Made in Oggiona near Milan, enjoy the Italian way of life.




The slicers reserved for those who do not want to give up Berkel quality even in small spaces. A design object signed by the artists of the cut; finally an electric slicer that proudly displays in his kitchen! Let’s forget the traditional slicers, and admire the aesthetics of these new generation slicers with a provocative look: the almost futuristic curves of the Home Line, the plumbness of the Red Line. In terms of performance, Berkel electric ham slicers are remarkable. Exceptional fineness of cut (from 0 to 14 or 20 mm) thanks to millimetric adjustment of the thickness of cut; to obtain a coppa chiffonade, a potato crisp or a slice of bread. The ultra-silent motor is a real asset, so that cutting remains a convivial and sharing moment; also proof of top-of-the-range mechanics where we go to the essentials.