Totally Bamboo

Everything started in the 1990s in Hollywood, California, when Tom Sullivan and Joanne Chen founded a small production and design studio, making directors’ chairs for the movie industry. This was how they discovered the unique properties of bamboo, which is lighter and more robust than traditional wood.

Impressed by the qualities of this material, they created the brand Totally Bamboo, the first producer of bamboo kitchen utensils in the world. The first cutting boards came into being, followed by blocks, salad bowls, spice boxes, bread boards and numerous other accessories we all need in our kitchens.


Our commitments:
Quality, design,
environmental protection

When it comes to product manufacture, Totally Bamboo is committed to a sustainable quality and standardisation process: selecting the best species, harvesting mature bamboo and only using the heart of the bamboo. The boards are traditionally made, assembling the strips of bamboo stalk with food-safe glue.

By using bamboo, which can grow up to 60cm per day and does not need to be irrigated or fertilised, Totally Bamboo limits the ecological impact of its products, offering a viable alternative to mass deforestation. This environmental awareness is present at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Intricate design is the last pillar in the triptych. Today, the focus is still on developing innovative, beautiful, highly contemporary products.